Student Wellbeing

At St George Preca Catholic Primary School we are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all students.

The social, emotional, academic, spiritual and physical wellbeing of our students, in light of the values of St George Preca Catholic Primary School, is pivotal to their success at school and for their future lives. We commit time and effort to promoting positive relationships and effective ways of dealing with conflict and eliminating bullying behaviour.

We are committed to encouraging each person in our community to have a sense of connectedness. We acknowledge that people work and interact more effectively when they feel happy, secure and stimulated. The approach to teaching and learning and the relationships formed between children, teacher and children, and teacher and parents is one which aims to promote this.

At St George Preca Primary School, children are provided with the opportunity to develop skills which promote resilience, problem solving and the ability to make good choices. In order to develop empathy towards others, problem solving approaches to relationships are strongly based on the feelings, rights and responsibilities of members of the community of which they are a member. These skills are taught explicitly in a 1 hour Wellbeing Session each week, and are then applied throughout all areas of the curriculum.