Learning and Teaching

Continuous learning with a clear purpose and connection to the real world is critical to developing the capabilities, dispositions and literacies required to live full lives in diverse communities and deal with issues and changes in the twenty-first century. Learning brings hope. (Horizons of Hope)


All students at St George Preca are entitled to a curriculum that is rigorous and purposeful; maximizing each learner’s academic, social, emotional and spiritual growth. For this to be achieved, our curriculum is designed to be responsive to the needs of all students in its care. 

Therefore we:

  • Set high expectations and use high-impact teaching strategies.
  • Promote a growth mindset so students take risks, persist, inquire, cooperate, communicate and engage.
  • Develop problem-solving strategies and encourage reasoning.
  • Make connections between related concepts and apply this to develop new ideas.
  • Encourage the use of efficient strategies and thinking flexibly with numbers in order to develop fluency.
  • Recognize that every child has the capacity to grow, regardless of their starting point.
  • Differentiate and target teaching based on a 3 tier assessment schedule which identifies student point of need.
  • Use data to plan small focused teaching groups, independent work and group activities appropriate to the students’ needs.
  • Catering for all students learning needs by a highly rigorous process of personalized learning opportunities.
  • Learning occurs in different ways and at different rates.
  • Learning needs to be meaningful, challenging, relevant, and exciting and build on previous knowledge and skills.
  • Opportunities should be given for learners to practice and apply the skills they have learned in a variety of ways.
  • In the importance of collaboration and discussion about learning.
  • Learning should incorporate goal setting and taking responsibility for our own learning.
  • Learning is a lifelong journey that, while at school, we are undertaking together as a community.


There is a focus on the partnership with parents in the education of their children.  Parent communication and education is a priority in ensuring that this occurs effectively and for the benefit of students.

The staff of St George Preca Catholic Primary School is a Professional Learning Community that engages in ongoing, targeted professional development enabling staff to provide a high quality education setting.