Learning and Teaching

At St George Preca School we value the individuality of each member of our community and the unique gifts and talents they bring.

Therefore we believe:

  • Learning occurs in different ways and at different rates.
  • Learning needs to be meaningful, challenging, relevant and exciting and build on previous knowledge and skills.
  • Opportunities should be given for learners to practise and apply the skills they have learnt in a variety of ways.
  • In the importance of collaboration and discussion about learning.
  • Learning should incorporate goal setting and taking responsibility for our own learning.
  • Learning is a lifelong journey that, while at school, we are undertaking together as a community.

St George Preca Catholic Primary School is a school providing a Catholic education for Catholic families in the Parish of St Catherine of Siena, Caroline Springs.  There is a focus on faith formation and development, and personal learning programs for students.

St George Preca Catholic Primary School aims to promote lifelong learning and active participation as citizens in Australian society.   Within the personal learning programs, students will participate in pedagogy based on a Play and Project Based Approach to Teaching and Learning, providing them with the opportunity to develop as lifelong learners who have the capacity to think and know how to learn.

Students are provided with the opportunity to learn how to learn through a range of meta-cognitive strategies which will inform the curriculum at all levels of the child’s schooling, with an aim for the student to become an increasingly independent learner.  Integrated access to, and use of, Information and Communication Technology underpins communication and is used as a learning and teaching tool in order to allow for communication with, and learning through, the local, broader and global community contexts.

Education at St George Preca Catholic Primary School endeavors to prepare students for a world in which work, society, community and personal relationships are of equal importance.  It is recognized we exist in a world of constant change in which work, ideas and the economy is increasingly influenced by global events and the major impact of technological change.

In bringing this philosophy to life, the floor plan of the school, namely the Learning Street and Learning Studios, are intentionally used as flexible learning areas, allowing for shared use of spaces, movement of students within these areas, enabling whole group, small group and individual learning experiences. Outdoor learning forms an integral part of the curriculum and therefore the Outdoor Learning Terrace (Backyard) is also utilized as a flexible working space for students.

There is a focus on the partnership with parents in the education of their children.  Parent communication and education is a priority in ensuring that this occurs effectively and for the benefit of students.

The staff of St George Preca Catholic Primary School is a Professional Learning Community who engages in Professional Development as a whole staff as well as having a personalized learning plan for themselves in order to ensure they are providing student focused learning and teaching opportunities to address individual student needs.