At a Glance

St George Preca Primary School is committed to providing a Catholic Education for children in Years Prep to Six.

 At a glance it offers….

  • A play and project-based approach to learning and teaching which caters for each learners’ individual needs and allows children opportunities to use their interests as a vehicle for learning.
  • Comprehensive curriculum incorporating information and learning technologies as tools for learning skills that will support students as lifelong learners.
  • Student Wellbeing processes to ensure children learn in a safe environment.
  • Parent participation and involvement opportunities.
  • Before and After School Care Program at nearby facility.
  • Specialist Programs: Physical Education & Sport Program; Languages (Italian); Performing (Drama & Music) & Visual Arts.
  • Interschool sports program.
  • Transition to Primary and Secondary School Programs.
  • Optional Private Music Tuition.