Enrolment Form

St George Preca Primary School offers prospective families two options for completing the Enrolment Form.

OPTION ONE: complete the online Digital Form.  The form allows you to upload your documentation directly into the Application Form and once submitted, sends the completed form and all attachments to the School Office. Uploads can be photos of documents and in PDF format. This application will be reviewed by our Office Admin Staff and confirmed with you within 24 hours that your application is complete.

If you choose to use the online Digital Form, you will be asked to ‘log in’ with a Google Account. If you do not have a Google Account, please contact the office for a username and password to use.  This is a  a dedicated enrolment account for you to log in with to ensure a smooth and easy process and allow us to view your attachments (these can be a clear photo if you are unable to attach PDF copies).  When prompted to log in – please use the details that have been supplied.

The Digital Form can be accessed from either a mobile device or a PC/laptop although it is recommended that you use a Chrome Browser to access the Digital Form

St George Preca Primary School Enrolment Form

OPTION TWO: download and print the PDF form – complete the form and attach all the relevant documentation requirements. Once this is complete, you return it to the School Office where our Office Amin staff will ensure that all required documentation has been submitted.


Translated Versions of Enrolment Forms and Parent Enrolment Agreement


Arabic Enrolment Form

Parent Agreement Information


Vietnamese Enrolment Form

Parent Agreement Information


Filipino Enrolment Form

Parent Agreement Information